Why you should pack your bags for your Angola trip right now

Angola is booming right now and the country has set itself the goal to create 1 million new jobs in tourism by 2020. A new visa on arrival process is scheduled to roll out for citizens of 61 countries including the US and EU as early as April or May. Here at Safarisource we are planning our company excursion to Angola to profit from the wild and vast beaches, the waterfalls and wildlife and the vibrant multicultural city life the country has to offer. Portuguese is the official language in Angola and the country does not fall short in comparison to other Portuguese speaking tourist destinations.

We are particularly in love with the Namibe district of Angola, bordering Namibia, this crazy wild land is home to indigenous people groups such as the Himba. Angola is the perfect new safari destination.

Inquiry with us to tailor your dream journey to Angola or book one of our sample itineraries such as the 

Malange, Angola Perfect Weekend Trip

or the

Kissama, Angola Overnight Safari

Discover Angola before the big tourism boom. Our dedicated guides will make the experience extraordinary.