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Do not hesitate to ask a question. Our team here at Safarisource understands that our products require trust and professional customer support. We would love to answer all your questions and provide you with the best service possible - starting from the early stages of planning your safari to the follow up after your trip.

Booking a safari can seem like a complicated task which may require background information and experience. We are here to make it simple! Our safarisource experts can help you choose and plan your safari according to your personal needs and expectations. From basic questions to complex inquires, we are there to help!

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You can contact us at: +27 (64) 772-5985‬‬

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  • Analysis of your needs and expectations
  • Guidance troughout the booking process
  • General information about safari tours
  • Pros and cons of your requested product
  • Get informed about the cultural background of your destination
  • Assistance in the selection of your safari experience
  • Ask questions about procedures of your tour operator
  • Unique, tailor made safaris

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