How much does an African safari cost?


Costs of A Trip to Africa explained


Safaris and African travel can be expensive and we often experience guests in doubt whether their local tour operator is trying to rip them off or not. Well the good news is we are here, we read every single message and we control the quality of our operators. They work very hard to offer you a great experience at a low cost. Take a look at our graphics to understand where your money goes when paying for a safari.

When paying for a safari, you are paying for conservation. You are paying for difficult logistics, you are paying for camps and lodges that cost a lot in upkeep. Your journey has been customized for you. Don't start a race to the bottom with your local tour operators because your safari experience will suffer. 


Affordable African Safaris


Your safari doesn't have to cost a fortune. We recently did a blind test between our local operators and an American travel agent and found that he was selling the same trip for twice the price. Book locally and save on middle men. We mean seriously, don't pay more than you have to! You can also browse our budget safari section which features tours that cost you less than $100 per day. Budget Safaris on Safarisource


Price of an African Safari


It is really hard to say. Sometimes a camping trip can cost you $500 per day and a 4 star lodge comes in under $100. It depends on where you are going, when you are going and if you travel in a group or individually. If you don't mind sharing your safari with others, we recommend these tours, we have many more so don't hesitate to click 'contact us' for more info: Affordable Group Tours 


Summary: Cost of an African Safari Package


Book locally to save on middle-men. Safarisource is your number one booking platform for this. We represent boutique operators in 24 African countries. Be prepared to pay more than you would traveling in Europe or Asia. You are paying for conservation, community development and complex logistics. You're safari package will be a dream holiday, that much we can assure you!