Unique wildlife and breathtaking nature. Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa and includes the islands of Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia. Enjoy anything from community-based budget safaris, to customized luxury experiences.


Stunning views, spectacular wildlife and a vibrant culture? Search no longer. Kenya is one of the most accessible destinations in Africa. When in Kenya, why not combine a visit to the Serengeti and Tanzania? 


Botswana, one of Africa's most stable countries, is the continent's longest continuous democracy. Besides that, it’s record in wildlife preservation is unique. Be prepared to take a flight out in the bush and experience a true adventure safari.


Namibia offers an interesting culture and stunning landscapes ranging from unworldly and unrealistic sand dunes to glorious mountain ranges. Furthermore, you can experience rich wildlife safaris and see the big five.

South Africa

Breathtaking nature, modern cities, rich in culture and history and… Penguins? Yes. South Africa offers something for every taste. Enjoy safaris with a blend of culture and wildlife which is hard to match anywhere on earth.


Home to the Mayombe forest, the second largest in the world, Angola welcomes you with a unique safari-mix of nature, food, music and dance. The country has opened itself for tourism with great flight and accommodation rates. 


Containing half the population of mountain gorillas in the world, Uganda offers a unique opportunity for visiting these animals. Uganda is also in the Great Lakes region of Africa, offering stunning views on the largest lakes of the continent. 


Though a must see, stunning Victoria Falls is not the only place worth visiting in Zimbabwe. You must get to know its beautiful culture. Join our community-based safari to truly get to know this place. 


Zambia is known for the warm hospitality of their people and its countless safari options. See the Big 5 or explore Victoria Falls, or go on a game cruise rather than game drive on the river Zambezi.


Rwanda has becoming a favorite among luxury travelers, boasting the best gorilla conservation program in the world, a safari to Rwanda is a magical experience. Go to Rwanda to experience gorillas and chimps.


Ethiopia is one of the oldest kingdoms in the world. Rich in culture and history, civilization was established here 3000 years ago. Safaris in Ethiopia will let you experience the remains of its many high cultures and kingdoms.


Mozambique is all about the breathtaking beaches on coast of the Indian Ocean, suitable for surfing and scuba diving. Go on safari here too and see elephants, secured by a successful anti poaching project.


Madagascar is a world of its own, both the vegetation and people are unique. A Madagascar safari, therefore, offers a plethora of experiences you cannot have anywhere else. Come for culture, baobab trees, and beach-life.


The Seychelles are a romantic tropical paradise and a Seychelles safari offers endless sandy beaches, island culture and a splendid coastal biotope. Visit Seychelles and combine with a safari to Kenya, Tanzania or South Africa.


Benin should be on your safari bucket list if you are visiting West Africa. Pendjari National Park offers the best game viewing experience in all of West Africa and Benin is also bustling with culture. Give Benin a chance!


A safari in Malawi will touch your heart and its people will inspire you to greater kindness. Malawi is a friendly little country boasting more than the magnificent Lake Malawi. Visit the Majete Game Reserve too.

Democratic Republic Congo

The Congo offers endless safari occasions for the adventurous traveler. When Virunga reopens, come close to Gorillas and Chimps. The South is a birdwatchers paradise with kayaking and adventure opportunities.


Swaziland recently renamed itself eSwatini. This little landlocked kingdom boasts fantastic wildlife viewing opportunities on safaris along with fascinating cultural experiences. eSwatini is a proud and safe destination.


Mauritius is a splendid tropical island with a fascinating African-Indian culture. Resorts big and small offer you a chance to unwind and the marine wildlife is worth exploring on safari. Don’t miss out on hiking either.


Algeria is a massive country with large parts being nothing but desert, dunes and Tuareg people. Many empires from the past left their footprint in this countries which still can be explored on a desert safari.

Republic of Congo

The Republic of Congo is a stable alternative to the DRC and an exiting place to experience gorillas. Exotic beaches are also plenty here. Do a fly-in safari to Odzala and experience the lush rainforest home to 500 species.

Central African Republic

A most-experience for any wildlife and adventure enthusiast, the Central African Republic is your number one off-the-beaten-track safari destination. Sangha is known as the best place in the world to see Pangolins. 


Safaris to the Gambia offer history, culture, beach-life and much more. Be sure to watch bottlenose dolphins where rivers meet the ocean.


Chad is a great safari destination and an off-the-beaten-track destination for adventure travelers. Chad stretches from the Sahara to tropical savannah. Come to Chad to experience an unforgettable safari.


Lesotho is a safe and accessible country with endless opportunities for culture, hiking and outdoor sports. Make sure to include skiing on your safari adventure as Lesotho is a popular skiing destination.


Ghana is a magical place for a cultural safari and it also boasts good wildlife adventures. Explore the Gold Coast or come up close with elephants, lions, hippos and many other animals. Ghana is an accessible destination.