Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I search for right package ?

You have to enter your desired destination in the home page search bar which takes you to the package listing page. Here, you can filter the right package based on category, budget, price, activities, places, add ons.

2. What type of payment is accepted for booking ?

You can make the booking through Paypal account, debit or credit card and Bank transfer.

3. How do I contact the tour operator for any clarifications ?

In the package detail page, you will have " Make an enquiry " option. You can click that, summarize your question and send it to tour operator.

4. What are the essentials needed for the tours ?

Tour operators will mention the essentials in the tour description. If not, please contact the tour operator through " Make a enquiry ".

5. Will I get an offers/discounts ?

Offer and discounts are purely decided by the tour operator. You can contact him through request booking by filling all the required information. Mention in comments that you are looking for discounts so that he will offer you discount for the tour price. Offers/discounts will not be applicable for addons and its only for tour price.

6. Where can I see the details for this tour ?

You can see the day to day description about the tours in the tour detail page.