How to Solo Travel in South Africa

South Africa is the perfect African destination for solo travelers. Solo travel in South Africa is affordable and relatively safe if our tips (see below) are followed and offers diverse opportunities from culture to game viewing. It’s a great place to relax and get new insights on life and there is just so much to do that you will not feel lonely.

Do’s of Solo Travelling in South Africa:

Do – go on safari. Budget for a full safari experience, you simply cannot visit Africa without encountering the wilderness. Many of our tour operators offer affordable rates for solo travelers, book tours such as:   or 3 Days in Entabeni Game Reserve

Do – get creative in Cape Town. The Mother City is the country’s Mecca for culture. Book a Gospel Tour or African cooking class and stay with the founder of Safarisource in the vibrant and hipster area of Woodstock and Salt River: Explore Cape Town in Style

Don’t – feel lonely. South Africans are extremely social people, chat someone up and you can find yourself braaing (South African barbeque) with locals for dinner. Or book yourself in on a Wine Tour and make new friends.

Don’t – Overpack. South Africa has endless shopping opportunities for clothing, design and souvenirs and should you miss some outdoor gear, there are specialized shops in every mall that stock up on all the international brands.

How to stay safe traveling solo in South Africa:

1) Avoid going into townships alone or at night. Townships is where most crime happens, but they are too important to ignore. The seeds of the South African democratic revolution were sown in the townships. Visit a township on a locally guided tour such as the Great Cape Town Township Tour - Langa, oldest Township in South Africa

2) Visit a doctor before your trip to get recommendations on the right travel meds. You don’t want to be alone and sick. Make sure you have travel insurance and know that South Africa has some very good private clinics. If you don’t want to take anti-malarial, consider a safari in a malaria-free national park, such as Malaria Free Safari in Pilanesberg National Park

 3) Some people do take advantage of solo travelers, especially female solo travelers. Use commons sense and avoid following strangers home, watch your drinks and catch an Uber rather than walk after dark.

4) Tourists are sometimes targets of petty crime. Lock up your valuables, hide your big wad of money and don’t flash your wealth.