Kayak and Lilo

Kayak and Lilo

$50 (Per Adult)

$50 (Per Adult) / Day


  • Sightseeing

Duration1 day(s)

LocationSouth Africa

Start PointTsitsikamma National Park

End PointTsitsikamma National Park

AvailabilityDec 16 , 2019 to Feb 01 , 2029


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This two to three-hour kayak and lilo adventure on the Storms River gorge in Tsitsikamma is our most popular activity for good reasons. You’ll get to explore deeper into the hidden world of the Storms River gorge than most people ever do and experience the long, bottomless pools, deep caves and ancient forests with nothing but the quiet noises of nature around you.


  • Canoeing


  • Eastern Cape, South Africa

Physical Condition

  • Normal Physical Condition


  • No WiFi but some phone coverage

Day-by-day Description

Day 1Kayak and Lilo

Activities Included


1. Kayak across the ocean & under the Storms River suspension bridge. We paddle from the harbour [next to the beach], across the ocean, then under the suspension bridge and up the beautiful Storms River Mouth. If sea conditions don’t allow for ocean paddling, we take a short guided hike through the Tsitsikamma Forest and start our kayak trip from inside the river mouth! 2. Paddle up the Storms River Mouth This is where the true kayaking adventure begins – paddling the Storms River, the pinnacle of Tsitsikamma National Park. After waving to all the tourists photographing you from the suspension bridge, we continue the kayak trip up the Storms River. We paddle right into the bats cave and spend time gazing up at the magnificent and spectacular cliffs all around us, all from the comfort of our double sit-on-top kayaks. 3. Lilo deeper up the Storms River Gorge At the low-water point we disembark our kayaks and we jump on our unique lilos. (A lilo is small inflatable boat that we’ve had specially designed for this trip to access the narrow sections of the gorge). From here we walk and float over a short section of rocks and simply wade deeper up the river on the lilos. What a stunning view it is, lying on a lilo at water level, and gazing up to cliffs that touch the sky! At reaching our destination, we simply turn around and float back down river to our kayaks. 4. Cliff jumping For the young, brave and adventurous (and the young, brave and adventurous at heart!) You can take the opportunity to leap off the overhangs cliff walls of the gorge into deep pools. The cliff jumping adds a good dose of adrenaline for your trip back, as well as some good laughs, friendly encouragement and one-of-a-kind photo opportunities to brag to all your buddies when you get home. Cliff Jumping is not compulsory – you can simply enjoy the spectacle as you leisurely float in the long pools below. We’ve had kids as young as 5 and grandparents (as old as grandparents) take the leap and enjoy the liloing, so we can truly say that this activity can be enjoyed by the whole family. The lilo trip is our most popular and most recommended trip by local and international tourists, so be sure not to miss out on this unique adventure!


Tsitsikamma National Park Entrance, Unnamed, Pretoria, South Africa

Travel Time: 3 hrs

Offical Visa Regulations and Health Requirements

For personalized details on health and visa requirements please check the IATA travel centre here


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$50 Duration: 1 day(s)

Children Not Allowed


South Africa