One Week Birding in the Gambia

One Week Birding in the Gambia

$1,344 (Per Adult)

$1,344 (Per Child)

$168 (Per Adult) / Day

$168 (Per Child) / Day


  • Meals
  • Transport
  • Accomodation
  • Sightseeing

Duration8 day(s)

LocationThe Gambia

Start PointBanjul

End PointBanjul

AvailabilitySep 23 , 2018 to Sep 19 , 2021


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Exciting one week tour for birding enthusiasts


  • Bird Photography
  • Hiking
  • Scenic Drive
  • Seascape Photography
  • Wilderness Trail
  • Bird Watching
  • Photo-safari

Physical Condition

  • Normal Physical Condition


  • WiFi and phone coverage at some lodges

Day-by-day Description

Day 1Arrive

Fly from a Major European Destination to Banjul Airport Transfer with Our Tour Leader to Lemon Creek Hotel, 30 minutes from Airport he will be introducing you Common Birds on the way, on Telegraph wire, Pied Crowns, Hooded Vultures, Rollers, Bulbuls Etc.

Day 2Abuko

Breakfast 7.00am Departure from Hotel. 7.30am Distance in km LEMON CREEEK to ABUKO (12km) 35min. Abuko Nature Reserve was established in 1968, making it the oldest conservation reserve in the Gambia with Mixed Vegetation of Gallery Forest, Open Savannah and a fresh water Stream which also attack and home for lots of Species. Drive 45 minutes to Kotu Creek and Kotu Ponds and the Golf Course, this is a Fascinating place for Birds, from the bridge, the view of the Mangrove vegetation, King Fishers, Rollers, bee-eaters, Starings, Greater Painted Snipe (some time of the Year) African Jacanas, Red Billed Hornbills, Wablers malachite kingfisher, white-faced whistling Ducks, Spur wing Plover Overnight Accommodation Tanji Bird Reserve /Lemon Creek Hotel

Day 3Tujereng

Breakfasts 7:00 Departure 7:30 am Distance in km (17km) 30 min Tujereng woodland is a great site for woodland birds, as it’s an open land. Expected Species: White Fronted black-chat, chestnut crowned Sparrow -weaver, Senegal baits, Brubru, vitaline mask weaver, stripe kingfisher., wood peakers, sunbirds, Starlings and Cisticolars., AND we Drive 15min to Tanji for Birdwatching and lunch Lunch Break at Tanji Bird Reserve 12:30 pm 2:30 After Lunch 20 Mints Drive to Brufut Woodland, expected species Verreaux’s eagle owl, white Face scope owl, long tail Night jar, Finches, Honey Guide, shrikes, Flycatcher, waxbills etc. over night Accommodation. Tanji Bird Reserve /Lemon Creek Hotel

Day 4Kartong

Breakfasts 7:00 Departure 7:30 am KARTONG (south coastal border) 44KM from the hotel WHITE Face whistling duck, African Pigmy goose, white fronted plover. osprey and lots more waters, snipes, swamp hens, Gray Headed Kingfisher, herons, bee-eaters, spur wing goose, etc. Marakissa: white breasted cuckoo shrike, yellow-billed hyliota, white crested helmet shrike, lizard buzzards, shrike, sunbirds, bishops, weavers and lot to see Baobab Island (overnight) (kombo East)

Day 5Farasutu

Breakfasts 7:00 Departure 7:30 am (Baobab island) Distance: Farasutu Forest - Abcas's creek lodge. (50Km) Start from the island with Gray wood peckers, parrots, Giant King fisher to nearby Farasutu Forest well Protected community forest and farm land. grayish eagle owl, African wood owl, white backed night Heron, African Goshawk, bar breasted fire finch spotted honey guide, wasbills, sunbird, flycatcher, heron, osprey, and some raptors etc. Lunch Breach at 12.30-2.30 @ Eco Village Camp PIRANG PONDS: (PM) Flamingos, yellow-billed stock, herons, crested lacks, terns, gulls, sand lings, curlew, sand piper, bee-eater, osprey, bishops, weavers and many more. And Evening Boat Trip or Morning, Your Guide will tell. Abcas creek lodge (overnight) Bintang

Day 6King West National Park

Breakfasts 7:00am Departure 7:30am Distance Abca's to Tendaba camp (75 km) 1hr 7 min Stops for Birding at. RAPTOS BRIDGE, KING WEST NATIONAL PARK. And Bataling bush track. Species Expected. Cisticolas, lots of wood land species like brubru, Senegal batis, raptors, vultures, goshawks, chanting and gabar, African Hawk eagle, long crested eagle, bateleur eagle , wahbergs eagle, towny eagle , red necked falcon, lanner falcon, grasshopper buzzards, western banded snake eagle, , brown snake eagle ,black -crowned tchagra, Senegal eremomela, white shouldered black tit , brown romped bunting , northern crombec, long tailed -night jar, standard winged nigh jar , bronze winged -courser , Tammik courser, Abyssinian ground Hornbill, Rollers, woodpeckers , bee-eaters and lots more arrival late Evening at Tendaba Camp for over night.

Day 7Baobolong Wetlands

Breakfasts 7:00 Departure 7:30 am Boat trip to Bao-bolong Wetland Reserve Tendaba and Bao-bolong wet land is a great place for birdwatching, some Few listed Species expected are The White backed night heron, blue flycatchers’ herons, storks, bee-eaters, king fishers, Both Montagu’s and Erusian mash harria, swift and swallows, wood peckers, brown sunbirds, terns and small waders, from Boat Trip we took work around the Photo Hides behind the Camp. Lunch Break 12.30 pm – 2.30pm at Tendaba start on our way back we stop at Kampanti and Baakuno Forest to our Hotel at Lemon Creek

Day 8Departure

Lemon Creek Hotel Departure (Airport transfer) N/B:Late Departure you invited to our Eco Camp Lunch

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