Day tour from Luanda to Kissama National Park

Day tour from Luanda to Kissama National Park

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$447 (Per Adult) / Day

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Duration1 day(s)


Start PointLuanda

End PointLuanda

AvailabilityNov 11 , 2017 to Dec 31 , 2018

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This tour is the single cheapest way to see a park in Angola on the entire internet or available anywhere in the country or capital. Kissama, or Quicama, National Park is an Angolan natural park, situated in Bengo province, the closest one to Luanda reachable by tourists. Kissama has an area of 9.600 km² and is 75km away from Luanda. The vegetation is varied from Kwanza riverbanks into the park, mangroves, dense woods, savanna, cacti, baobab trees, and more. Its diversified vegetation allows a rich and varied fauna. There are African manatee, red sable, talapoins, and sea turtles, for instance. If you're very lucky, you can also see giraffes and elephants.


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Day 1Day tour from Luanda to Kissama National Park

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The Moon Viewpoint is a set of cliffs 40 km south of Luanda, in the municipality of Samba in Angola. Over time, erosion caused by wind and rain created the kind of lunar-martian landscape that we find today. This was the backdrop of the film "The Moon Lookout" from the Portuguese director Jorge António, the first Portuguese-Angolan film co-production, shot in 1993 and got the special prize at the Gramado Festival, Brazil. Today you can enjoy a stop during the latter part of the day at the "Grand Canyon" of Angola, unique on the planet and only found, in a similar aspect, in the Republic of Congo in much smaller formations, and in Madagascar in grey color. This is the only such cliffs in Africa with this geological formation of stunning almost Martian beauty. The tour will start at the Kissama National Park, where after visiting the park you can have lunch at Pousada Cuanza (not included.) After that, will stop at the Moon Viewpoint, where you're able to watch the sunset reflected in such a beautiful work of nature. *Please note that the animals in the park during the civil war in Angola were almost entirely poached out and have only recently been re-introduced about a decade ago, and are taking time to re-populate. You will not see something like a private game reserve in Tanzania or South Africa. This is a very raw and new destination and the scenery is superb, and the birdlife world-class, but you will not see as many animals as the zoo-like factory farms of wildlife gawking in South Africa or East Africa. This in mind, enjoy and you'll have the whole place all to yourself!


kisama National park, Quicama, Bengo Province, Angola

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