The Modern African Traveler


The past decade saw the rise of a new type of traveler – the Modern African Traveler. We are talking about young, hard-working, world-curious people with healthy financial means venturing out into the world to have a great time. Whilst a few years ago, these travelers would head to cities like Paris, London, New York or Beijing, more and more African travelers are discovering the beauty of their own continent and the hospitality of neighbors. Ethiopian Airlines, Mango, FastJet and other providers are connecting African cities and catering to this modern day craving of connectivity beyond borders. We at Safarisource want to harness the massive potential of this clientele and are developing a new series of curated city trips specially selected for the modern African traveler. We are talking about short, glamorous trips to some of the most exciting cities on the African continent. We are providing you with carefully selected experiences that are very instagramable, interactive and glamorous. We are calling for all African travelers to discover the most beautiful continent in the world and to connect with fellow African hosts.

We will be focusing on the following cities in our first series of city safaris:

Cape Town




Stone Town – Zanzibar

Stay tuned for affordable luxury experiences catering to your shopping, food, animal watching, drinks, party and cultural needs. Our city trips will provide you with a great deal of flexibility in changing dates, even last minute. For more information or to get early access to our Modern African Travel Program, email us at