Safarisource Partners with Rene to Offer Travel Health Insurance

Many people are hesitant to travel because to health and safety concerns, especially in the wake of the epidemic. With the help of Rene and Safarisource, travelers can now book tours, locate guides, and get healthcare all in one location.

This collaboration is a part of Safarisource's commitment to developing the travel and tourism sector in Africa and making vacations as enjoyable and secure as possible. Customers already rely on Safarisource to provide them with attentive service and custom excursions that enable them to get the most out of their trip. With Safarisource and Rene's collaboration, tourists can now keep track of travel restrictions, locate the best travel health insurance, and get emergency assistance.

Through a smartphone app branded by Safarisource, adventurers can access all the benefits of Rene, tailored to their journey. To download the app, follow this link

Rene's algorithm suggests the ideal insurance plan, offering thorough protection with a simple interface. Customers can thus save valuable time that they would have otherwise spent looking for assistance in an unfamiliar location. In order for clients to stay up to speed with travel warnings, alerts, and safety info, Rene also delivers real-time updates throughout the trip. 

The CEO of Rene, Atilio Spaccarotella, is eager for this collaboration to have an impact in Africa. 'In order to expand our travel insurance services to Africa, we are overjoyed to be collaborating with Safarisource', he stated.

Through the partnership travelers can benefit from: 

Advice for individual travelers' insurance needs
Accessibility to healthcare professionals anywhere
Push notifications for travel advisories and alerts.
COVID-19 immunization records in digital format
24/7 phone and video chat telemedicine consultations
Online chat assistance



This furthers Safarisource's goal of matching tourists with local guides eager to impart their knowledge of their culture, language, natural heritage, and favorite sites.