Why Safarisource

The Airbnb of safaris, Safarisource is a completely free platform. Travelers speak directly to the people taking them on safari and in just a few clicks, book with them on our website. Not with 'travel experts' far removed from the experience. Multiple locations? Family? Adventure? Travelers search the tour that exactly fits their needs. You compare tours by different operators and browse reviews. We offer a simple and seamless booking process via our platform and guaranteed and fast payments to tour operators. Safarisource empowers local tour operators by completely avoiding costly middle men such as wholesalers or foreign travel agents. As a tour operator on our safarisource.com, you control your own profile and you make decisions together with the traveler. As a traveler, you can rely on true expert advise and personal attention as you plan your trip together with those taking you on safari. At Safarisource, we are a vibrant team of African and global citizens passionate about modernizing the safari industry and improving market access for local tourism providers.