Botswana Overview

The land of Kalahari. Botswana has 70% of its territory marked by the Kalahari desert, home to a few endemic species and a wide variety of animals like lions, cheetahs, leopard, Hyena, wild dog and birds of prey like secretary bird, martial eagle, giant eagle owl, falcons and kites.

Botswana is where you get to find the native settlements of bushmen like Ghanzi, Tshane, Tshabong and more. The desert is not as demanding as it looks like with temperature being semi-humid in the savannahs. The other parts are favourable for with average annual temperature being 18 degree celsius.

The Botswana’s delta region is a total change of scene from the Kalahari, where rivers run around 15,000 square kilometres forming lagoons and scenic wetland that everyone would decide to revisit.

African wilderness can be witnessed in its most undisturbed form making the safari experiences unparalleled. In, short, A tour to Botswana reveals the magical transition between the delta and desert and the Okavango river in between that flows from the highlands of Angola and dies into the Kalahari. The rivers is a life support for a wide range of flora and fauna in the region.

Boat and jeep safaris by the end of rainy season are the best time to explore major part of the Boatswain wide terrains with wilderness at its peak. The Chobe River valley is a lush green experience while the golden blistering sands of Kalahari will leave you mesmerized.

Depending on the time of the year you plan for your trip, you can take advantage of variety of trips that will be the best to do. The delta’s scene keeps changing almost three times a year, which can be categorized into summer, rain and after rainy season.

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Places to Visit in Botswana


    Okavango Delta

    Swamps and dry grasslands alternate the terrain of Okavango Delta. But, that’s just a hint of this ever expanding place of unspoilt natural beauty. Animal families consisting of zebras, cheetah, crocodiles, elephants and many other exotic wildlife strive here in full glory. A must visit place if natural places excite you.


    Moremi Game Reserve

    The Moremi Game Reserve won the award for the best game reserve in the African continent in 2008. There is so much evidence to prove why the game reserve is deserved to win even more prestigious travel awards. Pick a safari package or drive your own campervan into the wilderness. Whatever the case be, you are bound to come with a wild experience of a lifetime.



    Welcome to the industrial side of Botswana. Here the people are enterprising and have made the best out of everything with their hard work and determination. Gabane is also the starting point from where you can set off to explore the nearby skills on foot. And, don’t miss out to visit the Pelegano Village Industry to have a glimpse of local handicrafts.



    If you have plans of visiting Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and Chobe National Park, then Kasana is an ideal place to set your camp. Located right in the centre of both the locations, Kasane also delivers high on tourism quotient with its Baobab trees, snake parks and the ever beautiful Chobe river.



    Maun is where you can get the best creature comforts possible before setting out into the wilderness of Africa. Here, the population consists of visiting tourists, resident volunteers and a myriad of vendors who sell everything from local wares to travel supplies. Get your fill of travel souvenirs at Maun.

Best Time to Visit Botswana

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  • May to September is the haytime to get the best experience of Botswana. June to October is not advised since most of the country part gets flooded with torrential rains. April and May spot the best weather conditions while October and November bring out the worst climatic conditions in Botswana.

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Things to Carry on Botswana Tours

  • Binoculars, because you cannot get too close to wildlife for an upclose look
  • Battery powered flashlight. Please don’t expect power in the jungle.
  • Mosquito repellent. African mosquitos are real blood-thirsty.
  • All-terrain shoes