Top 5 Cheap African Safaris

Safaris can cost a good fortune, but they don't have to. We have listed the 5 top safaris that cost you less than $100 per day, safaris on a serious shoestring thus. While it is easier to find cheap safaris in South Africa and book safaris online, as the market is less regulated and it is easier to operate a private game reserve, we have plenty of opportunity to safari on the cheap even in Kenya or Tanzania. The more basic the accommodation, and the more cultural the tour, the more affordable it becomes.

  1. Get cultural: On this journey to Tanzania you get to live with indigenous people from the renowned ethnic minority of the Maasai. Maasai Culture Immersion at Mto Wa Mbu in Tanzania
  2.  Explore Cape Town in Style on this short weekend getaway safari. You’re staying so cheap because it’s at the Safarisource home and the trip is on promotional sale.
  3. Travel in the spirit of the founding father of the nation.  Let the son of Julius Nyerere, the first elected President of Tanzania and icon across Africa, take you on a Nyerere Cultural Day Tour of his village bordering the Serengeti. Nyerere is considered the second most important African president after Nelson Mandela. You can also inquire for larger safari tour packages.
  4. 4 Star safari for the price of backpacking is what you get to enjoy on this South Africa safari Bush Break for a few Bucks. Luxurious safaris are remarkably cheap in Kwa-Zulu Natal.
  5. Discover Lesotho on the cheap. The only Sub Saharan nation with a skiing resort: Sani Pass Day Tour