The Best Weekend Excursions in Africa

We have listed the best short safaris, city trips and weekend excursions you can do in Africa. With more flights than ever connecting Africa’s busy cities, a weekend trip to Nairobi or three days in Zanzibar is something feasible for anyone living in Africa, Europe or India. We believe that Africa must not be discovered once in a life time and with years of planning, but rather on multiple occasions and in a last minute fashion.

1) A perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of Nairobi, or if you are flying in from Frankfurt or Johannesburg, is Aberdare National Park. Thick lush forests, abundant wildlife and stunning views of Mount Kenya are guaranteed on this Short Trip to Aberdare National Park.

2) Relax and unwind in Zanzibar for three nights. This &Beyond package comes with all the luxury and pamper you will need to truly unwind on the Spice Island: Mnemba Island Zanzibar Getaway

3) The perfect safari escape if you are working in Dar es Salaam is this 2 Day Safari to Mikumi National Park. Popular with many expat families as well as wildlife enthusiastic locals living in Dar.

4) The best way to explore Cape Town and the Western Cape for a few days is by booking this Safarisource Tailor Made Tour. It is organized by Safarisource Staff: Explore Cape Town in Style - the current rate is promotional.